The Week in Review

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe Wed 17/2/16: A day of great excitement for me- a visit to the home of sherry Jerez and a visit to Gonzalez Byass. We caught the train from main town Seville, so an […]


Cycle Hell

Cycle Hell Having returned for a lovely few days in Cordoba which is a wonderful historic city with so much to see and do, plus a source of Indian food! We decided today, Saturday that […]

The Week in Review

Chip Buttie!

  Chip Buttie! What you shout after just 6 weeks and you have gone back to your roots and on the chip butties, or as you might say at least for one of us it […]

The Week in Review

Little Urchin!

Little Urchin! And there they were everywhere the dreaded sea urchin in the busy carnival streets of Cadiz. Not at all where I was expecting to see these delicacies and certainly not on the street […]