The Food Story Begins

Plumpton Egg

Day One– or is it day two if you include the night on the ferry. I’m not as that was below percent wise of whatever to be counted and plus it was David’s birthday so we were allowed a ‘treat’ that night. Although how could be a treat when you are stuck on ferry and the options are a proper French restaurant (the boat is French) and a café style eatery. Of course we chose the first and to be fair before we boarded I did wonder on the prices and choice but the dinner in that restaurant was very good- David had beef and I had gilt head bream. For those to be avid followers or indeed those who know us well will realise this will follow a theme in food choices- one meat and one fish- no prizes for guessing who is who. We picked a Spanish wine to stay on course and it was excellent and only £18 for the bottle- very good indeed.

So onto actual day 1 and the morning breakfast after a heavy night rocking and rolling (on the boat not clubbing) and the breakfast of homemade croissants, juice and coffee. Well the croissants were indeed homemade somewhere but I don’t think on the boat but again they were very good.

Plumpton Egg
Plumpton Egg

Day 2-Breakfast on dry land and it is a favourite of mine as my dear friend and colleague Per will vouch  my boiled egg and these were Plumpton home grown eggs brought with us and this is my choice for the day-as the old saying goes ‘start your day with an egg’

Day 3– not so much for the quality of the food in a particular meal which was also a travel day combined with a Sunday which restricted the choice but the fact that David ate egg in a tortilla patatas and this was a first for him having an egg ‘phobia’ from childhood. It was the best of the day and an excellent dish- these tapas are wonderful. Small, cheap and tasty

Day 4 – Today breakfast has to be my dish of the day, reason why because we walked into the old town of Cacares ( Unesco World heritage site) and opted for a busy café full of morning workers (still can remember those days) and the lady waitress with our bad Spanish understood we wanted toast, fresh orange, coffee – marvellous but then in such a lovely gesture she gave us wonderful biscuits for free and then upon ordering 2 more coffees or rather just returning the cups and pointing to them she gave us the most delicious croissants again on the house,  wonderful food and a wonderful gesture.

Day 5– a very hard choice as we had lunch time the most wonderful tapa style burgers of beef and tuna, just so tasty and only €3.50 or our dinner  tonight of lamb chops and fresh sword fish- no prizes again for who had what. This was is in a very local bar to our camp site and although the waiter/owner spoke no English he was more than helpful as was the lunchtime man. I think also the choice for the night was made more than wonderful by the fact that we had walked miles uphill and also cycled some 32K’s and so hunger thus helped the choice and taste, but good food it was indeed. Overall thus far we have to say that Spain has lived up to Rick’s opinion- it’s very good hearty fayre




  1. All sounds, and reads, good. Not convinced on the 32km bike ride There’s cycling and there’s electric cycling. Nonetheless we are stunned and mightily impressed by the egg saga. Keep them coming.

    • John,

      Yes electric cycling is easier that said moving an 18 stone lad like me up a 1 in 10 hill is beyond it’s capabilities. So have to say legs really hurt after.

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