Preparation, Preparation, Preparation Part 1

An Elddis Encore 255


We have set a leaving date of the 8th January 2016 from Portsmouth in what for the moment we are calling Elvis our home for the year.  This super Elddis Encore Motorhome has been loaned to us by Elddis for the trip. We were drawn to Elddis by their strong reputation for innovation and build quality.  Visit their Website

EBay say that we all have £4,000 of unwanted stuff in our homes. True or false, have a think about your own home. We have started to see how true this is with 11 items on sale to begin. Target £800 for this first lot and we’ll see if we can make the magic Ebay number by the time we leave.

With the date set route planning can also commence- we will be putting up a map of the proposed route soon and hope you will give us your ideas as well.

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