Pinch or Tap

Pintxos  (Basque spelling) or tapas is the question. Both are seriously wonderful and a great in sight into the food of Spain and it’s regions. The south is tapa world and the north lives and revels in it’s choice and variety of pintxos

For us supposedly living on a budget you can’t beat ‘free’ tapas, but there is so much choice in pintxos and a great part of the delight is the range and the specialities of each bar and area. For me tapas wins out as to be honest pintxos generally, not always come on bread and I’m not a bread lover. Plus I’m not a buffet person and for me seeing them all laid out like they are on bar tops reminds me of buffet food. So as much as I love the north, the south wins slightly on the tapa front. For David it really would be a draw, as the sight of all those little nibbles really won him over and we had to kept up the walking to make sure he burnt of some of the calories. One can lead to two, two to three etc….

A Tale of two Cities- Bilbao or San Sebastian. Both are worth a visit for sure, but as I sit writing this looking over Bilbao having just seen our friends off back to the UK Bilbao has the edge for me.

A lovely week was had with everyone visiting us from home and now back to life on the road. The advance into Barcelona begins.



  1. Hi Guys
    Fabulous, just fabulous!!!
    Our long term dream, we will be coming to you both for help and advice
    Stay safe and eat well, but looks as though you are!!
    Regards and thanks for the updates

    • Martyn and Dianne,

      Thank you both for your kind words, it is so lovely to hear from people and we are not writing in a vacuum. Yes we eat well it is the idea but other than when we have friends around we are somewhat practical. Spain is great value and you can eat well out for little money. The locals are very kind and tolerant. Though we have been here seven months our Spanish is going backwards. Still every day is new and exciting what it was always about. Thnak you both for being with us.

      If you ever think our advice would be helpful it would be a pleasure to assist. 🙂

      David and Karen

  2. Yummy stuff. Miss Spain so much….had a fantastic meal for my birthday on the Loire & today gambas pil pil in Rotterdam, awesome food & we made it!!

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