NiKi has Arrived!! Maiden voyage!!

The lady drives NiKi home.

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Wednesday morning and a very early start at Kings Cross station, so early in fact not even coffee shops were open and only a few souls to be seen. For us Londoners a rarity in the super-duper busy metropolis we live and work in, but also knowing that in an hour or so Kings Cross would look completely different and back to it’s normal packed and busy self!





IMG_3512IMG_3513 Train trip and arrival into Durham all very smooth and easy thankfully and then onto the Elddis offices to collect our new home.

And what a home, all shiny and new and only 10 miles on the clock, just amazing we were both so delighted and in awe.

As usual Rachel and Rob and all the Elddis staff made us very welcome as we run through last-minute details and info including we hope some not too scary publicity shots, both of us being slightly under the weather with the usual seasonal colds!

Then it was the moment we both has been waiting for, the driving of NiKi (NK65 xxx the name is from the reg.) home,  just short of 300 miles door to door in a brand new motorhome by 2 very inexperienced motorhome drivers. Karen started the drive as it really was a now or maybe never moment and after reassurance that the whole factory and office staff wouldn’t be there or hanging out of the windows that we set off.


The lady drives NiKi home.
The lady drives NiKi home.

Managed to avoid Durham town centre, but only by the fact we took the wrong turning very early on but from Karen’s point of view was quite good as there was the possibility of ‘taking out’ a few Durham university students including one whom she has known since birth, was a scary prospect.

So onto the A1 London bound with a lot of lorries heading the same direction and so a change of mentality to the driving because we are although not as big as a lorry certainly van size, so no ducking and weaving and passing out of cars/vans etc. but watching and viewing much more what everyone was up to and also a much heightened awareness of what the real road signs show or says driving a big and very valuable new vehicle suddenly made us very aware of the highway code!

Driving wise it’s lovely just the same as a car, all very smooth and high-tech, but still the scariness of the size and weight of NiKi and again that overriding, ITS BRAND NEW. David fiddled and played with all the controls as you would expect a guy to do, and at any moment Karen was expecting him to use the driver’s ejector seat and for her to disappear space bound to join Tim Peake.  In the meantime, Karen diced with the lorries and vans who seemed to be going way faster than normal, and with only one of two moments of heated words between us Karen decided that her luck was going to run out soon and so we swapped driving on the M11 just by Stansted and so David drove our new and lovely home into the evening traffic of London and NiKi’s first taste of a traffic jam. As we approached we showed him the sights of London i.e. Canary Wharf and the Shard, for us Londoners it’s the first sighting of them that you know you’re nearly home might still take hours but you’re home.

The long but exciting day came to an end at about 8.00 pm when we put him to ‘bed’ in his temporary home at David’s golf club Shooters Hill watching out over the magnificent views towards London and Kent, it’s not called Shooters Hill for nothing

We are expecting NiKi to have a good few visitors and admirers over the next few days and we, as the proud new carers of him, will be equally as proud and puffed chested

But for the end of that day it was home to a very large G&T for Karen and a beer for David to settle our nerves.

Continue watching over the next few days as we try to plan the where and more where’s of how to pack and load a motorhome, plus perhaps a couple of cone skill driving practices as well!


  1. Well done both of you! We are looking forward to getting our new home on wheels in a few months so will follow your progress with great interest. Have fun.

    • No Brian, will be in London for Christmas this year. Have three weeks to master the controls. Then off on the 8th head straight to Cadiz to go back to school for two weeks. Attempting to some Spanish to the rubbish I talk! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year. Will continue to follow your kayaking adventures and hope to try again soon!

  2. It was great to meet Niki on Sunday and relax on her sofas – which were very comfortable. Most impressive features for me were the roof windows and the cooker with double oven and hob! Buen Viaje Karen and David, I hope you have a wonderful adventure.

    ‘Carry on Camping’ x

  3. Just about to move to Spain and purchase our campervan, to drive through Europe.
    Will love reading your blog and how you are finding your nomadic life. I know I cant wait for mine.

      • I am sure you will settle and love it. We move to our place in Costa del sol in May, before buying our campervan which we are looking to buy in Spain, so looking forward to finding out where you go on your travels as we will be novices

        • Maggie, being a novice is something we can relate to. Our full knowledge of this consisted of a one month tour of New Zealand in 2005. So no skills here yet!

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