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2016-10-17-17-37-33-2204Mon 17/10/16: So after the ‘poo gate’ moment and a lovely time in Alicante it was as promised time to move on, for David it was shoe shop time. Yes people, not Karen wanting shoe shop moment but as ever David and his desire for walking shoes and boots so the shoe capital of Spain was headed for – Elche. After a tour of many a shop David decided there was nothing for him other than a lovely soft blue pair of Callaghan’s. The disappointment was palatable for David as he really wanted to spend money on footwear-such a girl!!. So much was the disappointment that we moved completely away from the area and headed to have a big bath moment in La Fuente in Fortuna just outside Murcia as recommended by our very local friend Pilli. We had a lovely late lunch of meats, cheese etc that was in store in Niki.  Then was first bath, slightly difficult for me with my plaster arm but sitting in 34 degree water and sun seemed to help my mood!

Tues 18/10/16:  Up early to take advantage of the spring thermal waters before we headed off towards San Javier and David’s Aunties. As we might have noted David’s auntie and uncle have a place here and another Auntie of David’s was visiting and it seemed with a fluent Spanish speaker an ideal opportunity to get my cast taken off at some point at the 5 week stage.  After the usual catch up greetings and family gossip dinner of lovely lamb chops and veg was had in a very normal meat and veg style, very welcomed by us

2016-10-19-11-09-05-1110Wed 19/10/16: So as a plus to the lovely paid for aire in Le Narejos a bread man now visits so a fresh baguette and croissant was had for breakfast as we waited for a Fix It man to arrive. After 9 months on the road and David’s clod hopper feet, a split had appeared around the drain area in the bathroom. The shower area could not be used which wasn’t a problem as we were on paid for aires for the last few days but the repair was needed. The lovely man from Speedcoat 2016-10-19-15-03-02-8516 came and gave us an estimate and a doable date for Saturday and so with no other option we booked him in. The weather was cloudy and overcast but a small walk was managed before in the evening we headed for the more shall we say Northern European quarter of Los Alcazares and a highly recommended Indian restaurant called the Curry Leaf. The Curry leaf and it’s meal deal of €12.90 for 3 courses including a glass of wine was very very good and certain dishes could well have stood up to our many favoured London ones and so with the rain now pounding down we felt well and truly at home as we made a run for it back to our van


Thurs 20/10/16: With chores to do for by our own Mr Fix It David we were collected and taken to our familiar home in San Javier.  David unfortunately failed in his deep pool diving job of attempting to fix the drain in their swimming pool. As no one was really watched D’s exploits in the pool we couldn’t tell whether it was because the tools failed or the fact he couldn’t hold his breathe for that long underwater that the repair couldn’t be made but the resulting lunch of bacon, mozzarella and salad was divine. As the rain fell again we stayed put for lovely homemade burgers before heading home to NiKi.

2016-10-21-15-25-48-9732Fri 21/10/16: D day for me, or to be more explicit time hopefully to get the cast taken off. So with fluent Spanish speaker Auntie F 2016-10-21-14-54-49-5767taking the lead we headed to the local hospital. As usual I would say with most hospitals anywhere they try to head you off somewhere else, but we were determined this cast was either hopefully coming off or if the fracture wasn’t repaired then on it would stay. Two x-rays later and the chain saw was revved up and the cast split open. As ever being very cowardly when the blades of the saw bristled my arms I became distinctly pale but with no open wounds availed the cast sprung off and our came my poor wrinkled arm- amazingly not that different in colour. Apparently it can take many months after a fracture to get back to full working order. In my ignorance I thought a quick shake and I would be fine! After the trauma a drink and some lunch for me and my support team was in order and so we headed to the beach for some snails…… more trauma but I managed to avoid those and have some more normal calamari and other bits.


Sat 22/10/16: Mr ‘Speedcoat Europe’ also known to us as Terry arrived and began his work on Niki and making the shower tray usable again. More on   this later. David and I headed off to the local market to meet Auntie’s and amazingly for us no purchases we made. The fruit and veg  are very good and cheap in the market but some of the other clothes etc are a bit hit and miss. Like most markets of this type you can be lucky or not lucky and to be honest we needed nothing away, but it never stops you looking. Dinner for us was in one of our fav’s the local pizza come spaghetti restaurant and as ever it was lovely. A night was spent as advised toxic free in auntie and uncle apartment – a lovely luxury of space for us, plus a bath. Such a shame I only had one 4 days ago otherwise I would take advantage of this rare luxury!

Sun 23/10/16: Back in the saddle after 5 or so weeks and a lovely short ride along the sea front early before I could crash and burn with too many people. Hand and wrist still odd but great to be cycling again.


Lunch was a wonderful family and friend affair in a great local restaurant La Ponderosa –and absolute treat of different fish dishes, salads, bread etc.  It has been an absolute delight for us to meet up again with David’s family who live here and also his visiting auntie, plus friends from this area.  It brings home just how important family and friends are to you in life.

2016-10-23-14-41-58-1873 2016-10-23-14-42-00-8774 2016-10-23-15-49-34-3878

Next week brings a bigger cycle and sore bum, but also a return for us inland back to olive country. Hopefully as we approach Halloween the weather will stay with us as we head inland.  As a side If anyone has any wrist repair exercises for me than please do let me know as we fall outside physio cover under our EHIC. All help and advice gratefully received.




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