A Drop Too Many

An interesting week as we headed into the Picos de Europa mountains.  We have done many a stunning drive through mountains and valleys but this was a whole different ball game. The roads were almost impossible at times and the up’s and down’s tested NiKi to the full and us as well. The food was all about local produce, cheese, meats etc and we did buy as much locally as we could but oddly enough we seemed to have eaten in quite a bit for us this week with the adventure being more about the drive and getting to the right position. Or trying to find places to stay, the north as been incredibly busy and finding places to park up has been hard. We have been on the edge sometimes, water, poo and grey waste but have managed one way or another. Plus on a few too many edges mountain wise for me- the cable car was a solo trip for David. So for me as much as I have loved them- the Picos de Europa has been ‘A Drop too many’ .  I’m staying on the flat for the next few weeks for sure!!



  1. Looks fabulous and brings back happy memories. The food (and menu prices) looks wonderful! We’re in the Norwegian mountains, view totally blocked by mist but a HUGE glacier was visible earlier from the dam behind us; we’re hoping we get the view back tomorrow. For now, filthy cheap Croatian wine and a chilli! Cheers, keep the foodie pics coming, Jay

    • Great to hear from you both,

      Now on a route you have done! We are looking back on your blog for places to stay, as August in Spain has blown the budget! Loving your arctic news even if we can’t gloat about the weather here. Keep well you two. Abrassos from Spain.

      David and Karen

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