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Welcome to our Adventure, we are David and Karen, The Grey Gappers, two 55-year-old people who have quit work and taken a later life gap year. The idea of taking a year out when we were 55 was decided at the end of our first travel adventure in 2004 – 05. The where and how we would work out later.

Eventually while watching Rick Stein’s culinary tour of Spain we decided that is where we would go, one country, one language to learn, we loved the food, and we would do it in a motorhome, as the 'Sergei' says ‘simples’.

So we started saving and doing a little planning, but in reality more saving, as the date was set in stone we had to leave when we were 55, as we had christened the trip ‘Campervan 55’. That said we are 1st time motorhome travelers apart from a few weeks when we rented a van in New Zealand back in 2004.

We have been given the loan by Elddis one of their top of the range Encore motorhomes, to do the trip in and we are very grateful to them for this. We will talk about all aspects of the trip and the blog will be warts and all. So if the van falls apart you will read about it here! So far we have had few issues with the van.It has turned out to be very well-built. We have broken two of the door shelves on the fridge, Not designed for heavy wine bottles maybe. David managed to crack the floor of the shower, and a few screws worked loose. these are all now sorted and given that we have been on the road for nearly 11 months. We can recommend the Encore to anyone who would like a luxury well-built motorhome.

About the site.

There is a ‘Route’ page that shows exactly where we have stayed and for how long, plus rough dates for when we will be in the various areas of Spain we will be visiting.

There is a page about all the places we have stayed, this gives a review of every site we have stayed at, the price and the GPS location of them. We hope that this will help our readers

Karen’s Food Diary is a weekly update on our exploits, there is a lot mor than food in these posts, they cover all our adventures.  We do seem to eat out more often than many motohomers we have met, but that was always the idea. see feel and taste our way around Spain. That said we have both lost weight during the trip, is due to the amount of exercise we have been able to take, plus to gain access to some towns and cities we have used our trusty electric bikes to move us around.

 There is a section to do with the practical side of  Motorhome Life. 

There are many blogs on motorhome life out there we have a page linking to some our favorites. Plus finally a page of reviews of the stuff we took with us and bought on the way. 

So please join us on the adventure, if you have any ideas, or have a question please get in touch we would love to hear from you.

David and Karen

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Turkey Stuffing

December 31, 2016 10

Even we motorhomers get caught up in the Christmas rush and hullabaloo especially when we are very fortunate enough to have 10 family and friends visiting for Christmas and us wanting like everyone to make […]

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Mon 05/12/16: The rain welcomed in the day again for us and we watched from the vans windows as the rain kept on falling making the sand beneath us very heavy and clingy. No point […]

Karen's Food Diary

Frango Frenzy

December 5, 2016 0

  Sun 27/11/16: Waking up to yet another very wet morning suddenly seemed to inspire some temporary madness- if there’s no sun in Spain perhaps there is in the Algarve and so after a quick […]

Karen's Food Diary

Pukka Pies

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  Mon 14/11/16: With David tearing me off Alison and Cath’s (Beasties) ankles we bade a tearful farewell on my part anyway, but my despair was soon lifted by an earring purchase just along the […]

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