No journey is done alone and below are just a few we have found interesting and helpful to us, a particular shout out has to go to Julie and Jason @ Ourtour, they have been so helpful in our planning and we do hope that our paths cross during our travels.  Take a look at these sites and be inspired to start your own journey. Click on the logos or the titles to explore.


Jason Jay's Logo


Jason and Jay state they are ‘Inspiring’ and ‘Travellers’ and yes they are. Since we started planning the journey they have been very helpful and their blog is excellent informative and funny. They have chosen a lifestyle and are living it.


The meeksThe Meek family are fellow Elddis ambassadors, Tim and Kerry were both teachers in Nottingham but felt that their jobs were life consuming and wanted to redress the work / life balance in order to dedicate more time to their family. They made the radical decision to give up their jobs, sell their house and take their girls out of school to travel around the UK in the caravan for a year, exploring the country in which we live. Dubbed a year of ed-venture, they were hoping to combine their love for adventure with a more personalised and engaging approach to education; the locations that the girls visit become the basis of their learning. They, from November 2015 were offered the chance to live in a motorhome for a year. They moved their belongings into our new home and the ed-venture continues. Having spent over a year exploring the UK, they plan to venture into Europe in 2016.



After years of living to work Conrad and Pauline have decided it’s time to live life, and Alfie the puppy is going along for the ride. They’ve just started the planning but Europe here they come.

Bob and June

A bit about their trips and travels and a few photos!

Europe By Camper

Adam & Sophie’s European travels through over 20 countries in their motorhome, their blog is again informative and funny. Adam and Sophie are also behind Motorhome WI-FI mentioned in our recommended suppliers section, if you are looking for advice on getting connected during your travels they should be first port of call.

Follow Our Motorhome 

Andrea and Paul are like ourselves about to depart on an adventure through Europe in Feb 2016, we wish them luck and hope our paths cross on the journey.

Motorhome Adventurers

Dan and Esther’s Motorhome Adventures in Europe, very informative, honest and revealing. Full timers by the looks of it now.

Tour Europe by Motorhome

Stu and Sarah wandering Europe and blogging in fantastic detail, check out the costs section!