Via Verde de la Sierra and Pueblos Blancos. Motorhome Bliss.

We have spent the past few days in the mountains exploring and cycling the area and touring the Pueblos Blancos, (White Villages)

Though we are less than 50 miles from Marbella, it seems were a million miles from the costas. The scenery and the places we visit are remote and truly beautiful. The prices and food are wonderful. In our lovely van we can get to these places fairly easily. The roads are narrow but doable! We followed two coaches toady and they seemed not to be too worried. You also get the opportunity to cycle one of the most lovely Via Verde’s in Spain through over 30 tunnels one that is 990 mt long. So take a look at what you can do in a motorhome.

Though our Spanish adventure is coming to a close, Spain still surprises us. When we started the journey in January we were novices and were afraid to drive the narrower roads that get us to these places. Now we are a little wiser and realise that they could not build these places without trucks to get stuff there, so for the most part you can go anywhere in a motorhome. so over the next few weeks we will be revisiting places we stared from and maybe get a little closer. 



  1. Looks beautiful, those towns built into the cliffs look amazing. Must be a very odd and slightly bizarre sensation peddling through those tunnels? We plan to spend plenty of time visiting the interior when we get down to Spain next year, your blog, photos and route maps will be a big help.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I wondered how much your Spanish had improved in 10 months? Are you fairly fluent in restaurants, shops etc.? Can you hold a conversation?

    • To be honest our Spanish is rubbish, tried and failed. We do understand menus but in Catalonia English is better. They don’t like you speaking Spanish. We can read the basics of a newspaper and if they speak slowly get the gist of what is going on. But mostly they speak really quickly.

      • I always think it is the trying bit that’s important. Useful to know about Catalonia. It is similar in Belgium: they get most upset if you try speaking French in the north!

  3. Looks truly amazing. You have both certainly made the most of your 10½ months in beautiful Spain and you still have a few weeks left. Lucky you. What an experience for you and a great insight for those of us who have been following you through your comments and photos. Enjoy the remaining time you have and hope to see you both soon

  4. Love reading you blogs and your photos are fantastic. We are planning our trip for the end of 2018 and can’t wait. We most definitely will be using you blog for guidance.

  5. Hi David & Karen, thoroughly enjoying your blog . You are having such an adventure…… jealous. Are you back in Blighty for Christmas.
    Stay well.

    Looking forward to seeing you in 2017

    Te queda poco tiempo ya en Espana, que lastima!!!!
    Hais pensado en trasladar a Espana permanente?

    • The adventure goes on, we have Christmas here in Spain and then a film crew coming down in Jan to to wrap up the Spanish part of the trip. Then the long drive home.

  6. Hi, I was looking for your blog on the Camino de rey, we are thinking of going mid march with the motorhome any ideas on parking etc. Love the blog, we met you briefly at gelves in November. Si and Jo

    • There is parking at the north entrance, the only one you can access the Camito from. We hired a car to get there but think you could easily do it in MoHo

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