Úbeda and Baeza, we think our 21st UNESCO site in Spain

Spain is full of contrasts, though many of you have been to Spain on holiday, most have not as yet ventured inland where some of the true treasures are to be found. During the 10 months we have been in Spain we have visited many of these treasures.

Thus far we have not been the best at showing you them. So we hope you will enjoy these pictures and musings from our latest visit. The advantage of traveling in a motorhome is your ability to change direction a seek out the different and unexpected. Our Elddis Encore has done us proud cover just under 13,000 miles of Spain in 10 months.

Úbeda and Baeza, are in the backwaters of Andalucía, Jaen province, the centre of olive growing in Spain if not the world. Spain produces just under 20% of the world’s Olive oil and Jaen province alone produces 70% of Spain’s production!

Here is the location and the GPS of the Aire is 38°00'23.5"N 3°22'45.3"W
Here is the location and the GPS of the Aire is 38°00’23.5″N 3°22’45.3″W

So what makes these two towns so special? Well back in the 1500’s some of the local nobles did very well in the wool trade, and one in particular rose to the highest levels of court. With their new found wealth, they invested heavily in building some of the most stunning Renaissance buildings in Spain. As the two towns slipped back into backwaters these lovely buildings were left alone and thus were saved for us to see in all their glory. As UNESCO says:

 ‘This planning intervention was part of the introduction into Spain of new humanistic ideas from Italy, which went on to have a great influence on the architecture of Latin America.’

So here are some of pictures of these most lovely places.


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