Turkey Stuffing

Even we motorhomers get caught up in the Christmas rush and hullabaloo especially when we are very fortunate enough to have 10 family and friends visiting for Christmas and us wanting like everyone to make it as special as possible. The weather as you all will know was against us and had caused much devastation to the area of Murcia where we were to spend this period. It’s heart-breaking to see the damage that the storms and floods have caused to families, their homes and it has become even more so as the days have gone by and the clean up process has now really swung into action.  Thankfully for all the rains eventually stopped as we returned to one of our favourite haunts-  Los Narejos Camping Car- a really lovely, well run Aire before heading not far down the road for the actual Christmas period with 2 villas rented in Santiago de la Ribera. Again for us like a 2nd home with David’s Aunt and Uncle living there and thus providing a lot of support to us over the year and also with a lot of logistics for this special week.

Restaurants were booked, cars and keys collected and lots and lots of supermarkets were shopped in as we catered on mass.  Thankfully as the 23rd date of arrival came everything seemed to slot into place and despite forecast strikes in the UK the gang arrived slightly ahead of time catching us out a bit as we skidded to a halt minutes after them, thus not allowing me to get my welcome drinks and warm towels ready to greet them. But after the hugs, kisses, welcomes and usual wailing from me we broke open a bottle of fizz to kick start the Christmas festivities.

Seven days later as I write this with a little pot belly helping to prop up the lap top like most people we are almost thankful to get back to normality and routine. Our Christmas day lunch was a barbeque with all hands on deck to make light work of it all and thus enable everyone to enjoy the day. Curry, tapas, chicken piri piri and a lot of wine were consumed with 3 tubs of roses also gone through in the week. Quiz’s, Canesta and jigsaws were started, played and not finished and despite just finding out that due to severe fog in the UK delaying their flight home by some 3 hours everyone had a wonderful time.

So like most at this time of year, we are well and truly stuffed (like a turkey, that never made an appearance in Spain) and are settling down for a quiet night in with leftovers before tomorrow’s celebrations begin seeing in the 2017 and the end of our love affair with Spain.

Happy New Year – Feliz año nuevo

The Spanish tradition of a grape for every chime of 12

Our route this week.




  1. thank you for the lovely photos and comments we are on our way to spain in april and returning in sept and we look forward to your next comments

  2. Glad you shared these wonderful days with family and friends! Happy new year, all the best for a lovely 2017! Thanks for your great posts and pictures!

  3. Well done both on your year. I’m feeling sad it’s coming to an end as I won’t have your blogs to read but can only imagine what you two must be feeling….. Been an awesome adventure/experience & im sure there is much more of Spain left that you’ll want to explore. Feliz anos as they say here. xxxxxx

  4. Thanks for all you organising of the Christmas festivities really enjoyed the hole week even though we did not finish the jigsaw. Looking forward to your blogs on the eventurs of the next six months.

  5. Hi, just been reading your blog and see you are in our lovely town of Los Alcazares, yes the town has been devasted but the clean up effort has brought everyone together in a great way. It’s going to take while to get sorted but we will get there. Happy New Year

    • Happy New Year
      Lots of love
      Cannot believe your trip will be coming to an end
      Blogs are great
      See you in 2017
      Sandra xx ✈️

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