Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected happened twice this week.

One pleasant, when we happened upon the town of Jaca and a particular restaurant as per the pictures. We had just come from a series of Spanish pretty towns in the Pyrenees so really wasn’t expecting much from Jaca, a gateway town as they call it. Wrong it was lovely, a string of lovely restaurants beyond the one we ate in, history, churches and cathedrals and a lovely friendly feel as well.  Sometimes you just have to give them a go and they turn up trumps for you on the day for whatever reason.

Second unexpected was not pleasant as you might well by now know, as we crunched NiKi in a wing mirror to wing mirror punch up. Both sides completely not expecting it but the thud and crunch not deigning it.  In a macho way I’ll like to say we won sustaining the less injuries but really I can live without macho as I’m sure the other driver could as well. So much for the motorhome wave.


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