A tale of two services.


When started our trip we were complete novices and soon realised that motorhome people really do help each other out. We are so grateful to the many people that gave their time and advice to get us off on the road safely.

Lately we have had the opportunity to help out others, one couple had rented a motorhome from Mac Rent and could not switch the fridge to gas. The manual provided was chocolate teapot standard, but the problem fairly to fix after further investigation and great to be able to help out. The other was a van who had pitched up beside us and their fridge had its winter cool weather cover on, it is 30 degrees C here. So chatted to the owner and we took the cover off –result a much cooler  fridge keeping that all important wine and beer cold.

But we still are first timers and as such when the manual says get the gas jets on the fridge cleaned after six months if you use LPG we do. So we hunted down a motorhome dealer in A Coruna called Yakart Centro Caravaning, an agent for many brands. So we headed off to them to find they were a bit of a back street operation. We went into the office / shop and were ignored. Anyway we managed to attract the attention of someone who explained that really they don’t fix motorhomes only sell them and are the agents for McRent. They gave us an address for a repair company and that was the end of that.

Just at that moment the lovely couple that we had assisted with their fridge issue arrived to return their van. Well we have not seen such rude and nasty people as the staff were at Yakart, they were an hour late back and wanted to charge them for this. Given that when they picked up the van they were told if they wanted to have someone go through it in English they would have to wait 4 hours until seven pm. Anyway they went through the van with a fine tooth comb and found issues that ended up cost this couple over €300.00. All of these discussions were done in the middle of

An official Spanish complaint form.
An official Spanish complaint form.

the yard in the heat. We could not help anymore and felt that we may be getting in the way, but we let them know that every consumer business in Spain must have an official complaints book and they could fill it in in English and the business has to send it in to the government. We met up with them later in their hotel and they had to literally steal a complaint form to fill in and they were terrified with the abuse meted out to them -paid and left and will be completing the complaints form at home.  But the one thing we did find funny is that they were told if you come to Spain on holiday and don’t speak Spanish how can they get service? Strange really.

We set off to find the Domeitc repair experts and arrived to a small industrial unit in the middle of the oil refinery. We explained to the owner what we wanted, and as it happened they had the time to do it for us. Anyway after about 45 min all done.

The owner asked why we had wanted the work done, as it was not necessary, we explained the manual says if we use LPG it MUST be done, he then showed us the old jet which was clean as a whistle. But too late it had been replaced and was tested working exactly like before.

He took a look at the other items we had broken and was able to do a temporary repair on the fly screen. On top of that they gave us a little present of a motorhome, cute isn’t it.

our lovely new motorhome
our lovely new motorhome

Our bill for this hours work €17 the difference between this Yakart was chalk and cheese. When people are involved service is everything.

We on this basis would also say don’t use McRent to try out motorhoming, if they feel Yakart

So the lesson is we don’t think McRent use a great agent (Yakart) in A Coruna but if you need a repair done there, Guacas are very good and could not be more helpful. The other is a good website does not mean anything!



  1. Hi David and Karen .We are back in harness in Ireland again.I am flattered that you called us the nice couple!I can now laugh at your picture of the official complaint form and how it was crumpled when the big lady at Yackart tried her best to physically struggle with Siobhan to get back the document.It wasnt funny at the time. What was she so fearful over,I wonder? We enjoyed meeting you and look forward to reading up on your journey through Spain Galicia is nice isnt it?again thank you both for your help and support.

    • Well you are a nice couple! We don’t but names unless we have asked before hand! We have Karens’s brother, wife and daughter with us for a few days which is lovely. Loved meeting you both and hope do so again.

  2. We have been traveling Spain & Portugal for the last 4 years, up to 6 months but now we like to try for 9 to 12 months, but we are having problems with finding insurance for brake down, our van, car, mot & medical insurance any advice would be much appreciated.

    • OK I will collate this information as soon as I can and get back to you in one go. Some is not relevant to us as our van was new so won’t need an MOT for 2 years. MOT’s have to be done in the UK and there is a chap in Dover who specialises in doing them on campervans will get you the address and details as soon as I can.

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