Turkey Stuffing

Even we motorhomers get caught up in the Christmas rush and hullabaloo especially when we are very fortunate enough to have 10 family and friends visiting for Christmas and us wanting like everyone to make […]

The Week in Review

Surfs Up!

Mon 05/12/16: The rain welcomed in the day again for us and we watched from the vans windows as the rain kept on falling making the sand beneath us very heavy and clingy. No point […]

The Week in Review

Frango Frenzy

  Sun 27/11/16: Waking up to yet another very wet morning suddenly seemed to inspire some temporary madness- if there’s no sun in Spain perhaps there is in the Algarve and so after a quick […]

The Week in Review

Sore Bums & Full Tums

  Mon 14/11/16: With David tearing me off Alison and Cath’s (Beasties) ankles we bade a tearful farewell on my part anyway, but my despair was soon lifted by an earring purchase just along the […]

The Week in Review

Chocolate for Breakfast

  Mon 31/10/16: After a few Happy birthday greetings to those Halloween birthday witches and wizards we settled down to a lovely pancetta sandwich for breakfast- the pancetta being part of our F&S leaving food […]

The Week in Review

Great Hosts

We have spent a great few weeks in fact a month in the area around and including Barcelona. During that time we have met up with great friends of old from home and have made […]