Smack, ouch that hurt. The mirror is shattered.

Driving down the narrow roads of the Pyrenees sometimes you get very close to the drivers on the other side of the road. Today too close after a gentle wave at an oncoming Motorhome ‘Smack’ we come into contact. Two wing mirrors all over the place. 

Our lovely protectors were not able to take the strain and we now are off hunting a replacement. Peugeot’s website not helpful, on the other hand Fiat’s is great. So we are taking a diversion to attempt to get a replacement. 

These are the things that get in the way every so often. No one hurt the main thing. The chap we hit was very calm, a fellow Spaniard! We shook hands mournfully picked up our pieces, and set off on our respective journeys. We have found that Spanish people are a stoic bunch. What happens will happen, get on with it. We love Spain and The Spanish. Hope we can get the part today. 

We still have to look back, but never in anger!


  1. Bummer but we share your experience, we parted company with our skylight on some very hard warning system for a low bridge. Then after reversing into 3 lanes of Paris traffic and driving four hours in the rain we stopped for lunch only to discover it was p’ing down with rain in the van, on the bed! Hope you get a new one without any bother x

  2. Ouch!
    I think the way forward is external cameras with dash internal monitors. Must be an invention there for someone!!
    We were on Anglesey on the weekend and lost a drivers side mirror, ouch, ouch!!
    Safe traveling to you both, let’s hope it’s replaced ASAP.
    Best wishes to you both
    Martyn & Dianne

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