Seville, a jewel of Spain and Jerez, producer of some of the world’s finest wines.

So what have the Gappers been up to this week?

As you know we moved to Seville, and we have only one recommendation if you have never been here, go. Karen will be covering the food side of our stay and for a change, I will let the pictures paint you a picture.


We would love feedback from you. We have been asked to make the posts shorter and more regular, and we will try. But there is so much to see and do and despite years of typing we are still slow!

We took a trip to Jerez, to visit the Bodega Tio Pepe (Uncle Joe) This was very kindly organised for us by Roberto in London and we are very grateful to him. Sherry is wine that many in the UK regard with distain. Give yourself a treat and check out this amazing wine, with six types from bone dry ‘Fino’ through to Christmas pudding sweet Pedro Ximénez. All are worth a try, we were treated to an extraordinary tour of the winery and again with pictures painting a thousand words….

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  1. Looks great guys. Fab! Hey! Coming out to Maalaga 29th April for 2 days for a Stag do…Arthur and Henry in attendance. Just to let you know if you and NiKi are in the area!

    • Thanks for that, we do want to give the complete picture and sometimes either life gets in the way or we get lazy! It is great to to hear you are enjoying the adventure with us.

  2. We loved Seville and the marina parking – handy for the bus and quiet. Would have loved the Tio Pepe tour, always been a big sherry fan. We had migas when in Spain last year, surprisingly tasty. Loving the updates. We’re in Italy now heading for Turin tomorrow. Ju x

    • We are following your exploits with interest, we thought being in Spain would have miss any chance of snow, but within 30 kms of here 6″! Ah well the joys. Now have cold. We still don’t get the emails of your exploits!

  3. The chorizo and sherry look sublime – Seville has long been high on my list of places to visit and Rick’s tapas bar looks great – keep the bloggs coming – best wishes, Matthew.

  4. Enjoying your blog. A golf trip to Seville needed……
    Great photos. Keep it coming but enjoy yourselves first

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