The serious side of traveling.

As we have travelled around Spain for the past year we have moaned a bit about the weather. We found that the sun doesn’t always shine here. In fact we think that on a third of the days since we arrived last January it has rained.

All very interesting but nothing prepared us for the devastating rain experience we have had over the past few days. Not for us thankfully but for the town we are staying in for Christmas and where many of our family and friends will be visiting for the festive period.

Our hearts go out to the people of Los Alcazares whose homes and town have been inundated by the sudden deluge of rain.

Their homes and businesses are ruined and they will spend Christmas attempting to put their lives back together. As we drove through the town today it was impressive to see everyone working together to get things back to normal as best they can.

The army and emergency services pumping water out of homes. While the local council had people pressure washing the mud out of people’s homes. Lucky that most houses here are tiled. though we compain that we have had rain on a third of the days we have been in Spain. Here is what just two days of rain can do to a town. We can only wish them and all the lovely people we have met on this journey 

Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo


  1. I had heard as Sharon & Bill have a house in Torre de la Horadada and 2 of the restaurants opposite are flooded. It is sad at any time but somehow worse at Christmas. Hope it will not affect you & David’s family. Have a fabulous Christmas in your villa. What a luxury for you! Lots of love to you both xxx

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