Saturday Night Entertainment

The fun and high jinx’s of last night might never again be attained so exciting they were, almost up there with the Eurovision song contest.

What do we do with our evenings and how do we not kill each other are questions often asked.  Well depending on where we are and what local amenities there might be, we usually have an evening walk to a local bar, have a couple of drinks and a chat with the locals before heading back to NiKi and watching some TV series or films we have in store. Harry Potter gave us full entertainment during the last week of heavy rain.

Last night having had a late lunch and also having re stocked hugely on wine and beer we decided that we won’t venture out to the camp site bar but just open a bottle of wine indoors, reading and doing photo’s etc.

We then opted to watch another episode of the new series of Call the Midwife, a favourite of David’s for a good blub. I wasn’t sure he was up to it as the last episode, probably the 2nd in the series caused tears for more or less the whole hour as there was the morale dilemma of whether they should induce the baby so that the dying father cold see him before he died, and the elderly nun realising that she needed to listen to people more rather than inflict her views and so opted to go to a silent order for a few months. I’m not sure how he’ll cope with the next episode now that Trixie has found out about Tom going out with another midwife, but Hey ho a box of tissues and a large scotch should help.

IMG_2227 IMG_2228As there are only 2 of us we have each adopted our own settee and David has all his ‘must haves’ around him on his settee. These have now taken on the form of a balancing act on the back of the settee and the pile is growing- books, Ipad, PC, clothes etc and his ever to hand mobile phone on this occasion balancing at the very top of the pile.  The settee’s are also actually the pull out second beds and we have as you do dropped a few things down the back, not too much of a problem as we can pull the settee out and retrieve them as we have on occasion.  Last night that wasn’t to be that simple as the mobile phone decided to jump of the balanced pile and not fall down the back of the settee but down a very small gap between the fixed end of the settee and the front passenger area.    This little gap has already ‘eaten’ a few things of ours- some missing brochures caused a proper punch up and there is also one of our eating knifes down there as well which followed the brochure in an attempt to retrieve it along with a pen and pencil. So at 11.30 last night rather than saying our goodbyes to the locals in the bar David had his back side in the air and the first of a variety of ‘tools’ to try and get his phone out. I’m sure that by now you would have realised that there is no life for David without his phone and so waiting until morning wasn’t either going to happen or solve the problem any easier. The first object of choice was a long handled chopping knife but this failed as the handle was too wide and the blade not long enough. Then the plastic fly swats had a go, they fitted down the gap nicely but were too bendy. Then thanks to that just watched episode of CTM where a reshaped metal coathanger had become another tool of trade we remodelled one of ours as well keeping the hook in place but unwinding it so it became a long handle. This was really our last hope as the only choice after that was to get the tool kit out and start dismantling and unscrewing the panels. David is great at DIY but sometimes like many people when he puts it all back together there are bits leftover. The coathanger thankfully managed to get a grip on the phone (plastic cover) and David gradually crept it up the panel and my job was to grab it as soon as I could with my delicate piano playing fingers. I made a grab for it and my finger tips held on for a few seconds –hooray I though we can go to bed now… just as the phone slipped away from my finger tips and fell back down the gap again. There were a few moments of heavily charged silence before I said can we try that again. Which we did and thankfully on the 3rd go I managed to drag the thing up and out completely. Whoops of joy as it was now gone midnight, so we decided to leave the semi dismantled settee and all tools of the trade until the morning now that the blessed phone was safely on charge.

So as not repeat all this excitement we are resuming our evening walk and drink in future and are currently trying to find something to block the gap up with before the Ipad, wallet, passports or anything else makes a jump for it. A whole to meaning to ‘Mind the Gap’


  1. Ha,ha,ha! Harry Potter would have probably extracted the errant phone with a quick flick of his wand. Can we presume you didn’t accidently call Australia while your tiny little fingers were doing their gripping work?

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