On the Costa

We  have been on the Costa’s for a few weeks now whilst we have been fortunate to have both family and friends visit and stay, a treat for us both. Summer has begun here and the weather has finally taken the turn to match it with us both feeling the heat, something I have to say I thought we would be doing much earlier, but like the world over the weather is doing exactly what it wants and is unpredictable to say the least.We are sorry to hear and see that England isn’t having that wonderful a spring or summer as of yet- fingers crossed. So now nearly in Spanish mind sets of when the temperature drops below 25 we are heading back across Spain to the north where the temperatures will be cooler, but a very much more under discovered part of Spain than the seaside resorts of the south. We are stopping at a few places inland as we move and as ever are enjoying our journey. So farewell Costa’s and a big thank you to all those of you who have managed to come and see us, and we’re looking forward to our next lot of visits ahead. New friends are delightful and hopefully part of future and memories but existing friends and family remain our rocks. Keep in touch and follow us on us on our travels-we’ll be back all too soon!! xx

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  1. It’s 0900 on Monday morning, I had my breakfast at 0600 and, after looking at these photos, I’m now hungry!

    Enjoy the north – an area we hope to explore in the future.


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