Norte North

Norte north is proving to be an absolute delight for us as we expected it might. The scenery is so varied and the coastal drives a real delight for us and Niki.  We are in full summer season here now so it’s peak prices for all the camp sites, but we have been lucky and have found both places to park and cheaper Aires. The weather has also been kind to us, with sun most days and a cool sea breeze. The people like all of Spain have been lovely, helpful and friendly. We have had an assortment of food, lots of lovely fish and a couple of disasters- the worse being the recent chinese, not good and also a rather dull pasta, pesto dish home cooked by me in a remote rural Aire that didn;t even have a bar to resort to. We are for the main continuing along the coast heading to San Sebastian, Bilbao etc but with a short detour inland again while my eldest brother, wife and niece come to visit us and our surrogate home for a year.


  1. Can’t sit down and read your blog without getting up over again for a pace up and down the hallway ! That scram looks scrumptious. Very pleased that you are having a great time. That’s motorhoming for ya. Always was, always will be.

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