After our losses in Malaga licking our wounds we head on along the coast to stay war as the rest of Spain is having a cold snap. We visited Nerja recommended by a golfing friend of David’s and we realised that if you land in Malaga go east it is so much more real and welcoming. from there it was on to Montril a very large town with a lovely beach. First restaurant were we manged to get ripped off. Played golf for the first time in ages and Karen’s gentle comment was ‘Can see why you end up buying breakfast at the club most Saturday’s’. Fine judge of a golfer that girl.

Moving on we headed for Granada but having visited the Alhambra a few years ago went to the mountains of the Serria Nevada, it was odd for David that where we were sleeping was 200ft higher than the highest point in Ireland and we could walk around in tee shirts. we walked 20kms one day that took us up another 800m to the snow line the locals coming off the ski slopes amazed with the two of us in shorts.  After a few days back to the coast heading off to see David’s aunt and uncle who kindly had acted as postal service for us. with books an extra Safefill Gas cylinder and most importantly replacement bank cards.