We now have a number of followers who are either experienced motorhomers or thinking about it, and we really want to involve you in our adventure, both with our experiences as new motorhomers, and hopefully engaging you die hard regulars to pitch in with your views and feedback.

This section is about the how and what, for example. What is it like to live together with everything you have in what could be described as a 27’ by 7’6” box? What do you have to do so on and so forth? So we will try and do a weekly update of the real basics of life, living in a motorhome, the issues we face and what goes on, plus as newbies what we think of the motorhome people we meet, is there a type or a stereotypical motorhome person.

Again we will try and keep it short and to the point as it can get boring, if I ramble.

Firstly, for those of you that have spent millions on a 6-bedroom house, you don’t need in any way that much space. Downsize now, buy a motorhome and see the world in comfort. That said you must be ready to do more for yourself. In keeping with the new shorter story, two things form this week.

Lastly other than with Elddis, we have no links to any other companies, any recommendations we may give are from actual dealings with them.

That said we will be giving our honest opinion of the Elddis Encore 254 as we go along!

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