Leaving Spain with the weather as it was!

When we arrived in Spain on the 9th January 2016 it was pouring rain and had travelled in a force 8 gale to Santander. Now heading off on our new adventure the ‘Long way home’ Spain has decided to say farewell with worse weather!  

The day we arrived!

Here is a teaser of the wrap film Elddis have made of our views of a year in Spain.

So though Spain has stolen our hearts it can and does deliver really bad rain, snow and wind! Here are few pictures from the past two days!



  1. We’ve been in the midst of it as well, we’re in benidorm, what terrible weather, we are going to be moving north next week after my birthday which I’m going to spend in the palace,benidorm for a memorable 64th.
    I’ll keep an eye on your travels though. Loving it, we’re into our 9th year full timing and loving the ability to go where and when we please.

  2. Who said come to Spain for some winter sunshine??? so we did, arrived 12th November, thought this is great sunshine, then it started to rain and kept raining along with thunder and lightning then 4th December we were warned not to go out because of the floods which were the worst since 1967 now we have had snow!! If someone had warned me I think I would have stayed at home by the fire

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