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A view of Toledo at night

A beautiful sunny day in Toledo and lots of tourists in town for Semana Santa and a beautiful city Toledo is.

2016-03-24, a couple of days already here we decided to have a bit of an easy day and make the most of town available by separating on this Easter Saturday. We, David after lunch going off the the ‘Spanish Army Museum’ to spend some time there doing what he likes and is interested in and me heading back to camp to sit in the sun and read and relax a bit.

So after a lovely tapa lunch we each made our way in different directions through the crowds, me heading out of town and over one of the main stone bridges that lead in and out of the old town.

We had stumbled upon a mini market in town and had treated ourselves to some steak for dinner and as you do in a ‘supermarket’ we brought a few more essentials than absolutely necessary. Not usually a problem as we generally carry our own bags and David is usually with me and is a big strong lad, but this was me on my own with 2 plastic bolsa’s. By the time I had got to the bridge the bags were cutting into my hands and fingers a bit, so as I crossed the bridge manoeuvring by all the many tour groups a very nice young man (so Dick Emery for those of you my age) fell into step at the side of me and asked if he could carry my shopping.

‘No.No’  I replied.  ‘No, please let me help they are heavy’- ‘I’m fine’ I replied keeping my pace up and beginning to think something more might be afoot, especially as given I was wearing shorts and a t-shirts compared to the all still wrapped up Spanish.  Still keeping the pace on both sides the nice young man asked wear I was from so the England of course was the reply and where in England exactly continued the conversation London I answered noticing how the bridge had seemed to get longer. “I’m from here- Toledo” he replied and with onslaught “have you been here long and how long are you staying, did you know you can do a lovely evening walk from this bridge up the hill and see the cathedral with all its lights- it’s very beautiful, you might like to join me perhaps, who are you here with”

I decided quick thinking was needed and that perhaps my ‘other half’ might not cut that much ice in terms of dumping here. So I promoting David to husband and decided for good measure to addIMG_4860 some ninos in as well, just in case in his world a husband was expendable, but I was certain children would not be a welcome addition to our little cosy tour party.

At this point I think we both got the measure of each other and his quick reply was ‘surely grandchildren’

Ouch, there was a moment of silence were we both fully took each other in and then I departed  a very dirty look given and received from beneath my sunnies and I headed back to camp shopping still cutting into my fingers.

Bloody cheek………………….grandchildren!!


  1. We are never sure if someone talks to us if they would like to be friendly or rob us, it usely to be friendly.

  2. having got very fed up with carrying heavy fruit and veg back to our ‘van, I have invested in a shopping trolley. Love it … I am officially now a trolley dolly!

  3. Karen you’re slipping. Never mention the ‘husband’ till he has carried the heavy bags all the way back to the van!

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