Grey Gappers??? What is this about?

Hi there, it’s  The Grey Gappers.

Ten wonderful years on with our friends & families, plus careers from our last adventure Round the World we have now decided to become Grey Gappers.

We are approaching  the magic age of 55 and have always had it in our minds that when we reached that age we would take another break and travel again.

We have over those years whiled away many a moment and many a plan, with the originally idea being a US road trip for a year in an RV. But the Americans are not that that welcoming -the longest visa was 6 months and no return for 5 months.   Not as long as we wanted, plus for us oldies medical insurance would have been over £1,500 each- so not financially such a good idea either.

Then one evening we were watching Rick Stein’s Spanish tour and combined with the wonderful scenery shots and stomachs rumbling we thought LETS DO THAT, how hard can it be without a team of researchers and translators and so the plan was born.

How to do it- well Rick had a campervan and having done some motorhome travel in New Zealand we decided to copy him on that too. The freedom to up go when and where we like taking our home with us enabling us to shop, cook, eat out……… whatever we want to do whilst immersing ourselves in Spanish culture with a few of our own home comforts (a toilet- a must in Karens world)

So here you can read up on all the ups and downs of quitting your jobs and taking off for year- hop on the van with us- it’ll be better than Eastenders!!

David and Karen

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