Friends and Food

Time to leave Madrid, a truly lovely city where we had spent a lovely day with new friends made on this journey and then to make our way back towards Valencia and to spend a weekend with 6 of our friends from home. The first who have made the journey to come and visit us and share part of this adventure with us. Denia was our chosen resort with David finally getting to play some golf again with Mick, one of his ‘915’ Shooters Hill Golf club buddies and for me spending time lazing, gossiping and catching up with 5 close friends of old who share an interest in good wine and food.

A wonderful weekend was had by all but for one the end went slightly pair shaped with his own human error playing its part and also additional unforeseen events adding to the scenario making Mick’s arrival back home over a day late.

Thanks all for coming, we’re loving the journey and experience but miss all our family and friends.


  1. What a lovely weekend for you! So glad you got to see the girls I hope they all had a great time. Jeanne called round last night, thank you for all the goodies. Just trying the sherry vinegar now. Think I should have chilled it first.
    Take care, all our love.

  2. Put some cling film over a cup pushing down slightly to make a well and paint with oil, crack the egg in, seal the cling film at the top with a twist, then put the whole lot in boiling water. Voila, poached eggs!

  3. Carole, love the tip I will give it a go as well, I still cant get poached eggs to look like they do on TV !!!
    K&D love the pics and comments great job xx

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time. Hopefully you’ve missed the fires.
    We have redirected inland and south as fed up with wet Galicia!!

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