Cherries to Classic cars Jerte to Hervas

2016-05-24- has thrown up may surprises, but cherries were not one of them, Karen loves them so we visited the premier cherry producing area of Spain, The Valle de Jerte, so she could indulge her passion. Spain has had the wettest spring in years so the crop is weeks late. But she was happy with the first pickings of this year’s crop.  It is amazing to see mile after mile of cherry trees lining the valley. And cherry everything for sale.

So after a 2-day indulgence we set off again, to the next valley rather than go around, a 90 Km drive, David persuaded Karen2016-05-25- 2016-05-25- 2016-05-25- the 32 Km run over the mountain was a much better bet. So off we went up a single track road to Hervas. We rose through the clouds and over the top at 1300 Mt and down the other side. It was the loveliest single track road, luckily we only met one car on the journey and made it safely to the other side. Karen has calmed down now (a little). The views were spectacular even with the clouds.

2016-05-25- 2016-05-25- is a lovely and lively town with one of the best preserved Jewish quarters of any in Spain, but the reason we had stopped was to see what was called ‘a rather nice motor museum’ The Museo de la Moto y el Coche Clasico. Well wasn’t it a surprise, set in a lovely building overlooking the village, here was one man’s dream fully realised. A stunning display of classic cars but mostly motorbikes, so as they say a picture paints a thousand words, here is a gallery of the beauties. Enjoy,  the last bit you get to do at the museum is to climb up to the top the building and see the whole town set out below from a viewing tower.



The Museo de la Moto y el Coche Clasico


  1. Motor bike and side car could be your next adventure, I would pay good money to see that !!

    If not the pink car is great!

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