Barcelona and Wing Mirror update!

We have zigzagged our way down to Barcelona having visited the Peugeot dealer in Lleida three times to get the wing mirror replaced. All to no avail as Right hand drive connections are different and our wing mirror must be sourced in the UK or Ireland. Cost to be delivered by Peugeot UK to here €620 plus fitting! Anyway we are trying to he one sent to a friend who is coming to visit at the end of the month. 

So with a bit of duct tape and Karen’s vanity mirror we are all good to go for now! Pic later.

Meanwhile other friends have arrived in Barcelona and we are exploring this wonderful city with them for the weekend.  It is alive and lots of exciting than bugs to see and do. We will be in and out of the city over the next few weeks so be prepared to be Barcelona’d out. 

Today is our visit to the Gaudi masterpiece the Sagrada Família book in advance of you are going online our you will have to wait a few hours to get in. 

Karen waiting for Godot
The Market!

Need to update this now after having visited the Sagrada Família and all I can say is it is the most moving building we have ever seen enough to tempt a lapsed Christian to think about it. Truly an awesome place. Some pictures that can only give you a flavour.

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