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OlivesAnother Tapa Por Favor

Mon 18/1/16: First day at Spanish school so a bit nerve racking really. Neither of us has paid much attention as of late on the learning front. School started with us fortunately being 2 2 1 i.e David and I with our teacher, a result of us but not necessarily so for her. Break came for us a bit later than we might have hoped- just past 10 would have suited us quite frankly but we survived to the normal allocated time of about 10.45 and headed off to the local bar for café con leche and toastado, both of which after a hard morning of blank looks between each of us was more than welcome. We had decided that for that Monday we would have the menu del dia in our local – Vento Manolos but after heading there on our bikes we realised they actually shut on a Monday- so this put quite literally a spoke in our wheels. A hard day of learning and a plan in place we quite thrown – what to do we asked each other and then realised that of course there are a number of other establishments that do the same offer an so headed back to one we had just passed in Barca de Vejer- the ‘boat of ‘ Vejer. We don’t have to climb up that bloody big hill again!!

Here we had a lovely lunch of sopa de picadillo, which is a thin soup of rice, ham, eggs and plus others bits, and at this point I am doing no justice in my description but lovely it is. David had potatoes with garlic which had become somewhat of a staple for us over the last few days and this although might not have been the best wasn’t the worst. A lot seems to depend on the quality of potato used I think. Main course for David was local meats of the area in a sauce and was very tasty. I chose fish- salted cod and thinking it was going to be more like an omelette effect of fish was surprised that it was actually very thin, almost crisp like fish ‘crisps’. Pud or coffee was including and this all for €8 a complete bargain.

Tues 19/1/16: 2nd school day and we returned. Again given the distance between us and the town and main stay places to eat we try and make the decision whether to have a ‘proper’ lunch or an evening meal and again after being disappointed in not having the Manolo’s menu de dia we decided we would pin it down for Tuesday. After a hard days cycling to school and a scary ride down of bouncing, speed and cobbles it was a relief to get to the comfort of our local. David opted here to have the same soup I had had the day before, the only difference being that the rice was pasta. I also had soup to start, that our lovely friendly waiter (we will venture to ask their name at some point, we have progressed to that level- what is your name, my is ………. in class) recommended, which was mix of lovely soft potatoes and small fish pieces. It was lovely and in fact would have done as my dinner for the day, but no- fried fish was to follow for me and for David, the local beef of the area in a thin steak form. All lovely, but my soup stood out for me. Having said that I choose for pudding arroz con leche, Ambrosia rice pudding and indeed it was a treat, although here it’s served cold. I do have to say that over the few years of existence I might have had on this planet, in general Ambrosia have come up with the best on this front, including my mother’s which was lacking on many fronts and was not worth the effort and cost that I believe might have been put into it. Another upside of this menu of the day was that it included a drink each for our €8, really why would you cook in my world!IMG_3919

Wed & Thurs 20 &21/1/16: Tapas galore for both days in various places and for the best part in this area are on average €2 to €2.50 and are to be honest even for David big enough to fill. They seem to vary between each bar in
some choices, but they all also offer some of the main stays- serrano ham, chorizo etc. For me they are great- as offer a choice but are filling but not overload as well- I love them!! Plus the fact that you always get bread as well that suits David. Any drink you order also comes with olives. We are becoming experts now in our love of this lovely little green delicacy.

Fri 23/1/16: First week of school completed and our routine of getting to school now less hair raising. Our lovely camp site owners Miguel and Eva now dropping us off to our school whilst dropping their own daughter of on route, marvellous although I think David and I look slightly less cute as all the little primary school children attending Vejer Junior. Our first week complete and a main dinner planned for the evening, we decided to congratulate ourselves on not quite sure what, as we haven’t really excelled still in our Spanish language, but nevertheless we did and stopped at a small bar on the way back to NiKi and had a small glass of wine. A little sample of the tapas seemed in order, and what a good choice indeed- the slightly spicy pork kebabs were one of our dishes and for me they were the dish of that day. The pork that might not have been the best quality was very tasty and the spice just lovely and the taste after stayed with you on your lips, yum and for the princely some of €1.80 each came with a small layer of chips as well. Wonderful value,  taste and flavour-tapas of the day for sure, one that will be repeated.

Tapas rule OK!!!


  1. David & Karen, lovely to read your blog about the beginning of your grey gap year in Southern Spain. And Karen’s food blog describing the tapas and nibbles that you are partaking of, is great……Hope your Spanish conversation is coming on… makes such a difference being able to converse with the locals in Spanish – although the Andaluz accent prevails in Cadiz…..wait until you get to the interior of Catalunya……..Catalan reigns supreme

    • Michael, great to have you with us. Learning any language is tough, as we are finding any language with two verbs to be is tougher than most!
      It will be a slow process. As for regional differences leave it out. It’s hard enough to work out what to say now. Hope you are all keeping well.


  2. Hi Chaps! We are enjoying your SAGA.(!). Karen, when you are tasting all those lovely wines I hope that you have remembered all I taught you at wine class all those years ago! Very best wishes from Barbara and Jim.

    • It is not all sun and sangria you know. These updates take hours to do. We have to be sure that all streets are checked. Yes it is lovely, but at the same time Karen is stuck with me 24/7 so perhaps not as easy as you may think.

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