A Small Bite

ThuIMG_3835rs 14/1/16: (I am now reverting to the date rather than ‘Day number whatever’ as I have lost track already of which day we are on and sometimes due to ‘commitments’ like getting out and about seeing Spain the food blog and indeed other blogs aren’t done each day. Plus also to do all these wonderful 21st century things we need a good internet connection which we don’t always have.  We do realise that us sitting around eating and drinking and not doing much is of up most importance in your life but please have patience!)

Back to food Clive -Prawns a la plancha, an just amazing choice for me and one of my favourites and indeed a choice of many a close friend and family member. These weren’t done iIMG_3836 (2)n garlic just grilled and were just amazing and as you can see from the before and after pictures and as confirmed in the blog, heads were dissected and parts eaten as well. Just a big squeeze of lemon on them and a good dose of sun and happy days, what could be finer.  I do think Rick also said the same as well, we are indeed following in his footsteps.

Fri 15/1/16: You can take the girl out of the town but you can’t take the town out of the girl and onto the town of Cadiz, a beautiful town indeed and as we stumbled upon a wonderful Friday market just as you would expect from a coastal town with an amazing array of fish and seafood on offer. We did not purchase as at this stage the thought of cooking fish inside didn’t appeal and we cannot BBQ on the site. Plus to be honest the novelty of eating out is still with us, so until my curry levels really drop than home cooking is a little bit further off. No menu of the dia again for us, although as ever always an option but just tapas as recommended in a guide book. Fish of all types –grilled, fried, steamed whichever what way you might like. Oddly though mIMG_3841y choice of the day was anchovies in white wine vinegar-they surpassed all the other tapas choices by far.  The little fish were well displayed and just so sweet and succulent and contrasted well with the sharp and delicateness of   the white wine vinegar, yum yum indeed.

Sat 16/1/16/: no choice or dilemma here…… we had been invited to a birthday party by the family owning our current campsite and they were making paella in the true Valencia style which is the best and true paella apparently. We joined them to watch the preparation of the dish and this along with the happy family setting made for a true taste experience and honour for us- thank you Eva and Miguel. Outstanding hospitality especially as it went one step further and we had homemade pizza later in the evening!

IMG_3881Sun 17/1/16/: Sea, sun, sea bass. A wonderful coastal setting after a long windy bike ride and a small shack like restaurant. I did not understand the fresh choice of fish option given to me but just went with one that the waitress said was ‘bueno’ and it happened to be sea bass. The flesh was white, sweet and fell apart to the fork and was served with potatoes, cooked in a stock but flavoured with fennel- quite delicious.  Must just say at this point an odd conversation behind us from a lady who had ordered another fish of the day- red mullet.  Delighted she was at the restaurant having them that day it was ruined it by her comment- “well they charge €16 for them and you can buy them for €6”. Needless to say I won’t pass my comments on to this but just to say “There’s nought as queer as folk”


    • The bike slows down from time to time we are having some intermittent issues with the cutting out. (Both of them for the record). Mine in fairness has the most work to do.

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