2 ‘Grey’ days to go

Garden all tidy for the new tenants.

Sorry we got this out of sequence but such is life!! Anyway this was supposed to be the new year blog entry. We will get better at this!

Christmas and the New Year over and a wonderful time had with family and friends thanks to all.

But for us Grey Gappers due to leave the country this Friday the work didn’t’ stop over that period.

Another bad selfie.
Another bad selfie.

The house became untidier and untidier as more cupboards and drawers were emptied and the myriad of motorhome related presents came into the house- it is quite amazing just how much motorhome ‘stuff’ there is out there, some useful and some well……who knows

The packing came down to all the bits and pieces, things that just don’t fit into a certain box and for a time was just picked up from one place and then put down on another. Eventually come Tuesday and the day of the big clean ready for the new tenants all those things had to go somewhere and at the very end much was just stuffed into any place where there was a hole!!

A couple of problems also hindered the process and that was on Karen’s part strained muscles in her ribs through coughing too much and then in a moment of madness on a last ‘must do’ gym session a very painful ‘popping’ of something in her back- so painful. But with many drugs and creams and pain management it seems to be improving, thankfully.

Just sitting here now writing this watching the weather as more storms are predicted and the thought of the rocking rolling on the bay of Biscay concerning us, do hope that NiKi doesn’t get too seasick and that he is harnessed in properly- we will be checking on that. Bit of a disappointment as we realise that the 24 hour crossing isn’t all inclusive like a normal cruise. However, given the likely weather I don’t think there will be much fine dining done!!


Garden all tidy for the new tenants.
Garden all tidy for the new tenants.

Our hopefully lovely new tenants move into our house on Wed and we say hopefully as we had a previous house rental disaster before-drugs, prostitution, murder usual stuff so we are hoping for much better this time, as the fact that the rental money is also our travelling money, so for our sake and those of our neighbours we have crossed everything for this rental, but they do seem lovely people and they are Spanish which is odd. So almost a house swap, or certainly a country swap. Unbeknown to them though there was another near disaster the day before when our mortgage company, despite every form of communication with them prior, decided to say they would not allow us to let the house as it was against their terms and conditions, WT….. Eventually after long frantic phone calls and a few plan B’s approval was granted, but yet again another hurdle not needed

Plan for the last 2 days after house handover- well the lovely and pristine NiKi now looks like a hurricane has gone through as all our required belongings have been dumped there. So it all needs to be sorted and put in its place ready for travelling which for novice motorhomers is quite a learning curve. Given the rows between us over the past month or so we actually seemed to be managing this Ok-ish for the moment.

NiKi will be moved today to our temporary home with family and from here we can get everything completely packed and in place ready for departure Friday morning, so the next few days will be a mixture of happiness and sadness as we say goodbye to friends and family.

Continue with the Gappers…………..

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