The Week in Review

Frango Frenzy

  Sun 27/11/16: Waking up to yet another very wet morning suddenly seemed to inspire some temporary madness- if there’s no sun in Spain perhaps there is in the Algarve and so after a quick […]

The Week in Review

Pukka Pies

Mon 21/11/16: After a very wet rainy night the day started grey as well with weak sunshine trying it’s best to prevail and so we headed off to the nearby port for 2nd coffee and […]

The Week in Review

Déjà vu

The route this week. As we now head south again after our circle with the journey coming to a close we are now mainly on re-visits. Therefore the question is  “Is the 2nd cup of […]


Squashed Up!

 Mon 24/10/16: After a lovely weekend getting back in touch with my wrist again and doing what gentle exercise I thought was appropriate for it we got the call to say I had a proper physio session […]